ToasterBaker is started by a novice cook who successfully baked muffins using a toaster without temperature setting.  She eventually upgraded to an oven with that feature but she still could not fit in a typical six-pockets muffin tray.  Fortunately, she received a couple of hand-me-down Japan-made trays that are 2cm shorter.  She never knew the volume of the oven.  It was a hand-me-down too.

At ToasterBaker, you will find tried and tested baking recipes that are often modified or simplified.  The good thing is, modifications are not haphazard but are documented and explained.  For those who love experimenting, hope these posts will interest you.

ToasterBaker also hope to inspire you to start baking something fresh and nutritious (minus commercial additives like preservatives) for the family.  If she can do it with a toaster oven (sometimes even without), I’m sure you can too!



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