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Savoury Ham & Chive Muffins

This recipe is the reason why I started this blog (notice the banner picture is that of cheesy muffins).  Somehow, the recipe is so straight forward that I often missed taking pictures to compile a decent presentation.  Now that it is done, do enjoy making this favorite savoury muffin of mine!

Savoury Ham & Chive Muffin

Savoury Ham & Chive Muffin

You can eat these savoury muffins anytime of the day.  I love them at breakfast, accompanied by coffee.  You can make them for picnics and hiking trips because they are easy to store and serve.  You can also make in advance and store them in the fridge (up to 5 days) or freezer (I’ve tried up to 4 weeks), and re-bake them when ready to serve.

Savoury Ham & Chive Muffin - Ingredient

Savoury Ham & Chive Muffin – Ingredient

This recipe makes 18pcs D44x35mm souffle cup muffins.

Notes on ingredients:

  • Plain yogurt – you can replace this with sour cream.  The higher the fat content (Greek yogurt is about 10% fat), the smoother and creamier is the muffin.
  • Smoked ham – you can replace with your favourite cooked meat (turkey breast, canned tuna, bacon).  Use less if it is saltier than smoked ham.  Avoid adding extra oil from canned tuna.
  • Chive – you can replace with spring onion.  I’ve tried other herbs (dill, coriander, basil) with unfavourable results.
  • Flour – use flour with low gluten if you want a soft texture.  Cake flour of about 8% protein is good. Bread flour is usually 13% protein and it yields a tougher texture.
  • Baking Soda – though it only requires 1/2tsp, this is critical in giving the muffins a rise-boost.  I’ve tried 3/4tsp and 1tsp to get spectacular cracks and rise, but the bitter after-taste is annoying, so I stick to 1/2tsp.
  • Flaxseed meal – this is totally optional.  But trust me, if you have this or oat-bran at home, use it!  It will not alter the taste but gives extra fiber and nutrients to the muffin.
  • Rock salt – I use Himalayas mountain salt because it is better for health.  You can replace with sea salt.  If you use table salt, which is saltier, you may use less.
  • Cheese – grated Parmesan cheese is light and suitable for topping.  You may add 1/4cup grated Cheddar or Parmesan cheese as you fold in the ham if you really love cheese.  Mozzarella cheese may clump the dough and reduce rise and crack, especially when too much is added at the top.
Savoury Ham & Chive Muffin - Instruction

Savoury Ham & Chive Muffin – Instruction

Watch the steps in this video:




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