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HappyCall Pan – English Muffin

I just bought a HappyCall pan last month.  The non-splatter double-side pan is a hit for frying fish.  Its 3-layer ceramic-platinum coating and heavy base makes it non-stick and an excellent heat-retainer.  I soon realized I could bake potato wedges and roast a tenderloin roll in it.  Certainly I was not forgetting English muffins.

When I was in Tokyo two weeks ago, I ate a green-tea doughnut at Krispy Kreme that tasted more like crumbly rock-bun.  Since then I’ve been owed that soft-chewy green-tea bite that I anticipated.

So when I decided to try pan-baking* a batch of English muffins on my new HappyCall pan, I couldn’t resist adding some green-tea powder.  It is kind of “fusion” – Japanese, English (and Korean pan), something that I avoid.  But it should go well with sweet fillings like jams, red-bean paste, and perhaps even kaya-butter.

This is the same gadget-free method that requires:

no bread mixer, no muffin rings, no ice-cream scoop, no oven, and no kneading!

You can find the recipe and dough preparation instruction on my earlier post – Gadget-Free Chewy English Muffin.

Difference made when using HappyCall pan:

Cook Time      –  pan-bake first side for 5min; second side for 4min (instead of 6min both sides)
Rise               –  better rise; more airy muffins

* I use the term “pan-baking” instead of “pan-frying” because when the double-pan is closed, it functions more like an oven than a frying pan.

HappyCall pan retains heat and produces fast and airy English muffins

HappyCall pan retains heat and produces fast and airy English muffins

2012-12-26 Eng Muffin Gr Tea 08

Green Tea flavor English Muffin, pan-baked on HappyCall double pan

Watch this video for cooking steps and parting of muffins.



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