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Gadget-Free Chewy English Muffins

Since “upgrading” from the knead-n-roll out recipe to the scoop-into-rings one, I have been thinking of those of you who do not own muffin rings and ice-cream scoop that are required for the latter wetter recipe.

The knead-n-roll out recipe is dryer and easier to handle but it gets dryer after each round of cutting, re-kneading, and re-rolling out.  More flour is incorporated each round and the muffins become denser and less airy.  You can see my comparison of the three recipes in my next post – Favorite English Muffin Recipes Comparison.

I decided to marry the best of the above two recipes and came up with something quite simple and pleasing.  This method requires –

no bread mixer, no muffin rings, no ice-cream scoop, no tongs, no oven, and no kneading!

Now you have no reason not to try out this recipe.

Hi-Protein, Hi-Fiber, Chewy English Muffins

The scoop-into-rings recipe is ideally moist and chewy.  However the hydration is too high to be handled by hands.  So this recipe reduces the liquid content slightly, to enable an enjoyable experience of stretching, folding, and shaping the dough by hand.

Prep Time:

Start                   15 min measuring and mixing ingredients
After Proving     30 min stretching and shaping dough

Proving Time:

1 hr 30 min (varies with brand of yeast and climate)

Cook Time:

5-6 min each muffin side (total time varies with the number of muffins fried per batch)
E.g. 14 muffins fried in 3 batches takes about 36 min


14 standard size English muffins (3″ wide, 1″ tall)


Ingredients for Hi-Protein, Hi-Fiber Chewy English Muffins

Follow these simple steps:

Easy Steps to Chewing English Muffins

Watch the following video for the steps – from mixing to parting the muffins:

Feel hungry and get started!

Nooks and Crannies of Light and Chewy English Muffin



3 thoughts on “Gadget-Free Chewy English Muffins

  1. Your recipe looks fine. May I ask what you mean by a cup of flour? 125 grams?
    What about milk? Is that 235 ml

    I understand that there is a difference between a cup of liquid and a cup of flour

    Posted by Thomas Baumer | August 5, 2014, 12:33 pm
    • This recipe does not require you to weigh the flour. As long as the flour has enough gluten content (usually reflected by protein content of 13% or more), you simply measure by using a 250ml cup. Fill the cup by spoon and shaking down (not knocking). Milk is also measured by 250ml cup.

      Posted by toasterbaker | August 11, 2014, 3:46 pm


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